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Under desperate and demanding conditions, a volunteer firefighter's swift and valiant actions saved an elderly blind neighbor's life. For gallantry beyond the call of duty, William Ferguson of the Page Fire Department was selected as the Third Annual Firefighter of the Year.

The drama began at 2:00 AM on October 10, 1995. A mobile home was ablaze with a blind resident entrapped. William Ferguson responded directly from his home three blocks away.

The smoke, the heat--and the risk--were extreme. Yet, this bold firefighter entered the inferno alone and without protective gear. Ferguson dared to defy danger with only his skill and spirit as safeguards. He engaged without turnouts as Page FD volunteers leave all gear at the station.

The scene was highly charged and chaotic. After forced entry, the firefighter crawled toward the fire room searching for the victim. This was a race against death as the fingers of flame danced about. The odds of survival dwindled with each millisecond.

Ferguson found the victim collapsed with labored breath. With all his concentration focused, the firefighter pulled the man to safety.

Thanks to William Ferguson the promise of a future still lives with the man so fearlessly rescued.

The Firefighter of the Years presentation was held at the Opening Ceremonies of the 23rd Annual Arizona State Fire School. Over 1,000 firefighters cheered Ferguson's selection for they know he was best among equals.


1996 Winner: William Ferguson


NASCAR Driver Bill Elliott with William Ferguson after being presented with the 1996 FFOTY Award @ Phoenix International Raceway.